Migrating from MT4 to MT5. You can

The new MetaTrader 5 also offers the opportunity to migrate an existing account from the MetaTrader 4. If the customer wishes, the broker can transfer the account on MetaTrader 5, including all open positions, pending orders, and the entire trading history. The transmission is done in a secure manner through the use of encryption. At the end of the transfer process, during the first connection you will see a welcome message and you are prompted to enter

old password used on MetaTrader 4, and choosing a new password to use now with the new platform

Migrare da MT4 a MT5 

1. What changes during migration?

During migration, particularly at the first access to the new MT5 account, the entire trading history will be loaded automatically by MetaTrader 4.

Occorre sapere però che i numeri di ticket degli ordini e delle posizioni potrebbero subire delle modifiche, come anche la storia degli ordini non entrati a mercato e cancellati. Queste differenze sono dovute alla diversa modalità di gestione degli ordini tra le due piattaforme. Ogni singola operazione MT4 può dare origine infatti fino a 4 operazioni MT5 che dovranno essere contrassegnate con ticket diversi. Da qui il disallineamento tra le numerazioni delle due diverse piattaforme.

During the migration, you have to know that the ticket numbers of orders and positions may change, as well as the history of the orders deleted (and never triggered). These are due to the differences between the order management between the two platforms. Every single MT4 operation can give rise up to 4 MT5 operations that must be marked with a unique ticket. From here the mismatch between the numbers of the two different platforms.

Even the account number will be changed. This depends on the broker chosen.

The migration is still a delicate transition so I suggest to do it when you are flat, or you do not have open positions or pending orders placed. After the migration you must control the trading history and if everything is ok to start to operate by exploiting the potential of the new platform.

2. it is convenient to migrate MT5?

MetaQuotes has made many efforts to remove barriers that kept traders away from the MetaTrader 5 and continues to make efforts to entice traders to adopt the new platform. This can be seen from the continuous updates that affect the new platform.

The MetaTrader 5 has many advantages over the MetaTrader 4, including a much more powerful tester, an advanced programming language, the ability to use data at tick level, possibility of more in-depth market analysis and much more.


As usual, decide if it's time to switch to the new platform is a personal choice that should arise from the evaluation of the pros and cons. If we make use of custom indicators and expert advisors is necessary to assess the possibility and the cost to translate these software for MetaTrader 5. Not always you can rely on tools that perform automatic updating or often you don't have the code to translate.

From a technical point of view the MT5 is definitely much more advanced respect the MT4 and after trying it hardly you will feel the need to return to the MT4.

If you're starting now my advice is to start with the new MetaTrader 5, if you are a long-time trader, my advise is to consider to migrate just possible.

Personally I would not doubt. The MT4 will last but the MetaTrader 5 is the future.


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